About Us​

Curls & Cakes is brought to you by Danni:

I’ve been a keen cook & baker for as long as I can remember.  Childhood memories take me back to my Grandma’s kitchen, where she was renowned for producing the most creative wedding & birthday cakes, and where she gave me my first taste of cake decorating.  I remember being utterly amazed every year at how elaborate & fun our children’s birthday cakes would be.  She was such a great inspiration and really fuelled my baking & decorating passion.

Aside from those early childhood teachings, I have been completely self-taught over the years, experimenting as I go along.  I feel as though this has given me the confidence to give anything and everything a try – nothing is out of bounds.  I love using my own creativity, mixed with the ideas that you have, to create something truly unique and special for your celebration. (Even if that celebration is making it to the end of the working week – go on, you’ve earned that cake…)

As I’ve grown up, I’ve experienced more than my fair share of food intolerances, gluten-free, dairy-free, you name it, I’ve had to avoid it at some time or another.  And one thing this has always showed me, is how little choice there is on the market for people with food intolerances, especially when it comes to sweet stuff & home baking.  However, I think it’s unfair that people should have to miss out on a nice big slice of birthday cake just because of something trivial like this.  That’s why I strive to make sure there is something for everyone at Curls & Cakes.  Why should you have to avoid that beautifully moist chocolate cake or chewy cookie just because you’re coeliac?

Aside from baking, and providing something for everyone, my third big passion would have to be looking after our environment. That’s why here at Curls & Cakes, I source as many of my ingredients & supplies in the most eco-friendly way possible. I make a real conscious effort to use local suppliers and buy ingredients that are either waste-free or plastic-free, and using Fair Trade or Organic where necessary.  At the markets, you will receive your goodies in packaging that is home compostable (that is, if you forget to bring your own container!)

Opening Hours

Our operating hours are 9am-5pm Wednesday - Sunday.  Our main office & admin days are Wednesday & Sunday.  Wednesday - Saturday are our busy baking days in the kitchen, so responses to enquiries will be slower on these days.

Monday & Tuesday we are closed.

Please be aware that at this stage, we don't have a physical shop front, so please make all enquiries by email or using our Contact Form.

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