Desserts & Dessert Tables

Desserts & Dessert Tables

We love all things sweet here at Curls & Cakes!  So if you're looking for a tempting treat to celebrate, but you're after something a little different to a classic birthday cake, get in touch.  Whether it's a cheesecake, grazing dessert table, or something to go alongside your celebration cake, we'll be only too happy to create exactly what you want.

Dessert Table Options

While this list gives you an overview of our classic dessert options available, we are also more than happy to work with you if you are looking for a custom flavour.  Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss different dessert ideas.

  • Brownie Bites - From a classic simple chocolate brownie, to a loaded brownie with peanut butter or raspberries, we'll create your favourite flavours.
  • Cheesecakes - Light & zesty lemon, or rich & decadent chocolate.  Smooth set cheesecake, or indulgent baked cheesecake.  Full size ready to share, or individual minis. We even have vegan & keto options available too!
  • Cupcakes - Either full-sized or mini bite-sized.  They can be decorated to match the rest of your decor, or just keep it simple.  Available in all of our classic flavours & more.
  • Pies & Tarts - Whether you're after a chocolate tart, lemon meringue pie or maybe even a banoffee pie, who doesn't love a little post-dinner treat?

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