Wedding Cakes

Celebrating Your Big Day

We understand how important the cake is on your wedding day.  It can be quite the centre-piece, so you want it to both look good, and taste as good as it looks!


Here at Curls & Cakes, we are dedicated to bringing you something truly special to celebrate your big day.

As standard, our wedding cakes include:

  • Delivery to a Wanaka/Hāwea venue, and the immediate surrounds - please contact us to confirm if your venue is included. A small fee will apply for other venues.
  • Set-up at the venue - making sure your cake is displayed perfectly to show off to your guests.
  • Communication with your florist to discuss any decorations you may wish to add to your cake. Just let us know who it is!
  • All cake tiers are 3 layers unless otherwise specified.
  • Cakes are provided on a thicker white card board to finish off the look.

Please remember to consider:

  • Letting your florist know if you will need cake florals.
  • Any dietary requirements of your guests.  We can accommodate most requirements, ask us for more information.
  • What size portions would you like to provide for your wedding guests?  Will the cake be the only dessert, or will it be eaten alongside/after a main dessert, in which case you may only need coffee portions?
  • A cake stand really sets off your beautiful cake - you can hire one from us for a refundable bond.
  • Your cake will need to be stored somewhere cool (Otago summers can be very hot, with the strong sun we have here) so check with your venue that they have somewhere suitable.  Ideally, the cake will be kept refrigerated until about an hour before being cut, so that it can be at room temperature when eaten to make sure it is at its best.  Once out of the fridge, it will need to be kept in a shady spot.

Flavours Available

While this list gives you an overview of our classic wedding cake flavours available, we are also more than happy to work with you if you are looking for a custom flavour.  Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss different flavour options.  All wedding cakes are finished with an off-white vanilla Swiss meringue frosting, and provided on a white cake board, unless otherwise requested.

  • White Chocolate & Raspberry - A soft vanilla & raspberry sponge cake layered with a raspberry & white chocolate buttercream, and finished off with a white chocolate flavoured buttercream.
  • Lemon - This classic flavour layers a zesty lemon cake with a tangy lemon buttercream.
  • Lemon & Elderflower - A popular summertime combination, this takes the lemon cake up a level, with an extra twist of elderflower through the lemon buttercream.
  • Chocolate Fudge - Every chocolate lover's dream! Moist chocolate cake filled with gooey chocolate fudge frosting.
  • Banoffee - Everyone's favourite banana cake filled with chocolate & salted caramel..
  • Carrot Cake - The classic, flavoured with warming spices and filled with a cream cheese frosting.
  • Lemon & Berry - Taking a twist on our classic lemon cake, here we add in some berries for that extra 'zing'.  Filled with a tangy lemon berry buttercream..
  • Salted Caramel - A vanilla caramel flavoured cake, filled with homemade salted caramel sauce & caramel flavoured buttercream.
  • Chocolate Caramel - Like our chocolate fudge cake, but add in a layer of salted caramel just waiting to ooze out when you cut into it.
  • Dark Chocolate & Raspberry - Our moist chocolate cake filled with raspberry buttercream.

Cake Size Guide
Please see below guide for an idea of cake sizes & number of portions.

Single Tier:
5” – Up to 8 dessert or 14 coffee portions
6” – Up to 12 dessert or 20 coffee portions
8” – Up to 18 dessert or 36 coffee portions

Two Tier:
4” & 6” – Up to 16 dessert or 30 coffee portions
6” & 8” – Up to 30 dessert or 60 coffee portions
8” & 10” – Up to 60 dessert or 100 coffee portions

Three Tier:
4” & 6” & 8” – Up to 36 dessert or 70 coffee portions
6” & 8” & 10” – Up to 75 dessert or 120 coffee portions

We are able to provide cakes in all sizes from 4" up to 12", so we will be only too happy to come up with the right size wedding cake for your wedding guests.

Please use our enquiry form to submit your request.  Once we have received your enquiry, we will provide your unique quote.  Please see our T&Cs for more information.

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